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[ irregular choice ] parrot talk boots

i woke up this morning with kpop stuck in my head. actually, i wake up most mornings with a song stuck in my that i'm "singing" in my head in my sleep. and 99% of the time it's definitely kpop since that's what i mostly listen to. [note: kpop = korean pop, for those of you who don't know!] this morning's song was bang! by afterschool... specifically the blue remix by rex rowdee. then i fell asleep again and woke up with sad song by brave brothers stuck in my head. pretty random, i know.

i've always been like that though ~ with songs stuck in my head, and singing all the freakin' time any and everywhere. which is why i love karaoke so much (korean-style though). the first song we always perform (yes cus we're kpop stars) at karaoke is fire by 2ne1. and speaking of the 2ne1, the entire irregular choice shoe-line reminds me of stuff that the 2ne1 girls would wear (maybe along with their jeremy scott wardrobe). the parrot boot above is something i'd probably wear too, no joke.
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