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[ eco party mearry ] recycled street banner bags

this past summer... ok well a year ago, i went to seoul for the second time ever. and i kinda just chilled for a month and a half. and it was much-needed amazingness. spent the mornings skyping or gchatting w/ dubz and amberita. sometimes allkpop radio. skype wif my moomy. and then i would go to caribou coffee, which was on the ground level of my building, to have a latte (oh, if i could only get a korean-style latte right now...). and also to use the free wifi. altho the whole city of seoul has free wifi. but anyway. i'd go online and bum around.

then i'd eventually go shopping. during the daytime with euna since we were both there w/o jobs. at nighttime with erise my ruv. eat dindin. which often ended up being 3$ soojebi. and probably grab drinks cus thats how we does in the seoul city.

anyway, on one trip to insadong with euna, we headed to the newly renovated artsy area. euna wanted to show me these awesome bags made of recycled street banners. and LO AND BEHOLD i find them online about a year later!!! how awesome is that? i remember wanting a neon yellowy sign with some white korean writing on it. they're all one of a kind, which makes them extra awesome. and at 19$ - you could be helping recycle and getting a bargain! earth day is in less than an hour so quick~ do your part to help the environment!

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