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[ ahead creative ] pepper fly

the other day, i caught the newest family guy episode. it was kinda super weird cus meg went to jail and i was confused since i didn't start watching til ten minutes in. plus, it was a "meg episode" so ya kno... sigh. HAHA. but anyway, there was this one scene where peter talks about "the fly that wants to leave but can't figure it out." i hate when flies do that! i think its cus i hate flies. and all bugs. grossh.

i know i just blogged about ahead creative's eraser rings but i can't resist sharing this other product of theirs: pepper fly. it's too genius for words. pepper in the shape of a fly. just drop it in some soup. not for the squeamish, huh? m'mm~~

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha, Family Guy is hilarious but pepper in the form of a fly?! I would totally pull a prank on my friends

(The guy that asked for your blog at Barnes! =D)