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[ yarborough jewelry ] finger food

its lunch time over here at officespaceland (aka my workplace). i'm not quite hungry though... probably cus the last two days i ate so much cus i was craving EVERYTHING. but yeah i had a banana today and i'm okay with having just eaten that for now. plus we forgot to pack lunch and im too lazy to go get lunch haha.

seeing these rings (dubbed "finger food") by yarborough jewelry makes me almostttt hungry tho. they remind me of these tiny phone charms and magnets they were selling in 인사동 (insadong) this past summer. they were tiny replicas of traditional korean meals like sam gyup sal (~pork belly) and bibim bap (mixed rice). similar to these, which illustrate more american meal foods. i think the pancake ring (above) is pretty awesome w/ the little square of butter on top!

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