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[ melissa borrell ] tree lace wall décor

in the past few weeks, i had been helping decorate the office of a family friend - like i blogged about before. he works in the aerospace industry so i've been putting together a bunch of cool stuff to fit his personality without being blatantly space age-y. anyways, even though we're done buying all the items for his office, i still keep stumbling upon all this cool stuff that'd work with our other décor.

the other day, i saw these abstract wall installations by melissa borrell, which would totally work in his office! they are somewhat molecular.. so that'd fit into the science-theme. but they're also sharp-edged - definitely abstract enough to be interesting. and despite the name, which suggests the objects would feel more nature-y, these would still fit into his modern/techie office. 

and i love that the way they're mounted holds them about an inch off the wall. makes for some cool shadows as well!

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