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[ 6 picks ] spring is in the bag

on sunday, the day after iranian new year, we celebrated my maternal grandpa's birthday. interestingly, my maternal grandpa and paternal grandpa have the same birthday, except my paternal grandpa is 10 years older. random!! but anyways, we went to centenniel park for baba's birthday. [sidenote: baba means dad in farsi, except as a child i didn't realize the meaning behind what i thought was his name? haha so i still call my grandpa "baba" to this day]

the weather was super nice and me and my mom took suzzy, our chubby little dog, for a walk. and then she got tired and tripped over her own foot and face planted into the dirt. and it was so cute and - i know i'm mean - i couldn't help cracking up. cute lil suze! and she was tired so i had to carry her (she weighs 25 lbs btw!) back to our picnic table.

in honor of the spring-time (and picnic-ready) weather, i've picked out six fun canvas totes! totes are awesome because they can be used for pretty much ANYTHING: picnic, grocery shopping, school, laptop, work, gym, etcetc.

by shinzi katoh at modcloth
[ i love the illustration on this bag! adorable ]

bread and butter: canvas tote bag
by mediumcontrol on etsy
[ great for grocery shopping, as well! simple & to-the-point ]

i'm eating: and other totes
by angry little girls
[ angry little girls comics = awesome... and the bags are too! ]

tromp l'oeil: tassel tote
by anthropologie
[ everything tromp l'oeil makes me happy! ]

picnica "bunny": tote bag
by eding:post's at a+r store
[ sucha good idea! conserves space and its cute ]

by thomas paul at modcloth
[ i'm a fan of thomas paul's style, esp. the illustrated-quality of this suitcase ]

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