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[ elecom ] egg mouse

(egg mouse)

right now, my beautiful macbook is losing its mind (memory) pretty fast. its still functional, if just superrrrrr slowww. which sucks because i cant really open illustrator, in design, and photoshop at the same time. or if i do, i must face the ever-cumbersome mac spinning wheel (equivalent to the windows hourglass, if you don't know much about mac). and as a graphic designer, i kinda need to be able to open those three key applications at the same time. sigh.

long story short, i'd LIKE to get a powerbook before i move to seoul. and when if i do, i'd also LOVE to get this egg mouse to go with it! and i'd want it in pink or orange. and its only >$20 (19,800won). its so round and plump, very aesthetically appealing.

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