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[ bholu ] creatures

(ignatious critter, frederick elephant)

i've been noticing cool "stuffed animals" a lot lately. the other morning i woke up clutching a pillow, as if it was my baby blanket. again w/ me feeling like a lil kid lately, i guess. my mom hid my baby blanket and favorite stuffed animal (a yellow platypus) from me. cus they're all old and loved-to-death. haha sighh.

so i guess that explains my fixation on awesome stuffed animals. i probably won't even buy a new one for myself. but they're so lovely to look at, in any case! my favorite's out of the bholu creatures are ignatious and frederick (above). probably ignatious moreso though... he's just so odd-looking with his spindly little legs. i do quite like marjorie duck as well, i must admit (below).

clockwise from top left: marjorie duck, felix frog, quinton giraffe, abraham dinosaur, mavis monkey

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