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[ 6 picks ] owls go hoot, hoot!

being the total loser bookworm that i am, i've been re-reading the harry potter series from 1-7 (for the 4th or 5th time). i just finished book 4, harry potter and the goblet of fire. coincidentally, harry potter and the sorceror's stone is playing on abc family right now too. and of course i had it playing as background noise as i got together this blog post.

also, i'm getting PRETTY EXCITED for harry potter's wizarding world - the new theme park at universal orlando... opening in may. if i'm not in korea by then (which is highly possible as i have yet to find a job), i am SO GOING. i don't care if i gotta apparate into the amusement park. i will, darn it!!!

anywho, i wasn't sure which aspect of harry potter i wanted to focus on for this 6 picks but i finally decided on owls, the mail couriers of harry potter's magical world. for some reason, owls seem to be a very popular design/art subject. i probably should know the reason - which is probably discussed in some art history class somewhere. but i never took art history (besides korean art history) so i'm kinda dumb in that sense. i should probbbably work on that, huh?

frog owl: giclee print
by amy martino
[ i like his glasses... a lot!! ]

my crony: wall decal (sticker)
by what is blik
[ wall decals are too awesome and this is adorable ]

owl quirkeys: key covers
by perpetual kid
[ that blue owl is my fave! the cats are cute too, tho ]

nocturnal tights: owl-stitched stockings
at modcloth by look from london
[ these are pretty unique... and strangely not too gaudy ]

four owls on a branch: set of three blank cards
by shanasshop (etsy)
[ i like that they're printed on brown paper, gives it an extra something ]

at sweetsimple (etsy)
[ this blue is diviiiiine ]

[ links ]
frog owl print: click
my crony wall decal: click
owl quirkeys key covers: click
nocturnal tights: click
four owls on a branch cards: click
antique owl ring: click

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