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[ jenny burrows & matt kappler ] historically hardcore

i always hated US history. once i got to college and could pick what kinds of classes i wanted to take, i ended up taking mostly east asian (predominantly korean) history classes. and a few asian american studies classes that relied heavily on asian american history. and if i could've, i would've double-major'ed in korean studies but umcp doesn't offer it. le sigh.

anyway, these posters by jenny burrows & matt kappler almost make me wanna go to a history class hahaha. uhm... awesome. my favourite is the genghis khan one cus for all i know, i am related to him (silk trade route baby). the originals had an actual museum name/logo at the bottom, but they had to change that when the posters went viral.

also. the posters below make me wanna say "america, fuck yeah!" ~

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