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[ 6 picks ] wintry beach

woke up to sunshine and brisk-cold air on dec 1st. it was feeling wintry, with temperatures barely climbing to 50. and thats the way i like it. i opened my window a bit even though it was so cold. i tend to do that - especially in the car. i'll be bundled up in scarves and gloves and a winter coat with the heat on and the window cracked open. i don't know why that is, though.

days like that make me want to take a trip to the beach. which is also weird, i know. but i LOVE the beach at winter-time. it's cold. the ocean's not actually freezing because it's still warm from summer. salty wind. sweaters and snow and sand. it's been years since i've gone to the beach in cold weather and i miss it.

since i'm feeling beachy keen (harharhar) i figured i'd do a 6picks on the beach and ocean that feel sorta cold and icy. even if it is a randomly warm december night tonight.

galaxy cuttlefish: watercolor
[ i....LOVE...this. a universe within the sea ]

swimming with the fishes: photography series
by rengim mutevellioglu
[ im sure this wasn't the middle of winter but it looks cold nonetheless ]

midnight flow: acrylic and rolled paper on canvas
by amy eisenfeld genser
[ looks like coral reef under the moonlight ]

drifting looseleaf: illustration
by under the sun prints
[ haha this is awesome ]

the swimmer: illustration
by iris schwarz
[ there's something wonderfully static about this ]

long coat: sea green textured faux fur
by top shop
[ the color of the ocean under a winter sun, no? ]

[ links ]
galaxy cuttlefish: click
swimming with the fishes: click
midnight flow: click
drifting looseleaf: click
the swimmer: click
long coat: click

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