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[ the harbinger co. ] funny face ring

sorry for the no blog entry yesterday. i'm sick, randomly. on tuesday, i was working 1-930 and around 7 i started feeling SUPER crappy. all of a sudden, too. sore throat, entire body was aching (even my skin), fever, chills. i went home and did the neti pot, ate 신라면 (shin ramyun), drank 보리차 (bori cha), and took nyquil. woke up yesterday with a sore-ish throat but mostly felt better otherwise. and this morning, only the right side of my throat hurts(?!) so i'm trying to rest up. laying in bed w/ my crochet needle and some yarn. working on my fourth scarf! which reminds me, i need to go to joanne fabrics and pick up another roll of yarn for this one scarf i'm making. it's really wide and its for richie rich who has the longest torso ever so i wanna make sure its the right length. hahaha.

anywho, something funny and cute to share today. i SO want the funny face ring about by the harbinger co. and they have other versions of glasses rings too. but man oh man, the funny face one is the bestest. TOO awesome <3

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