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[ 6 picks ] chinese zodiac - the monkey

anyone ever see the real-people version of jungle book? the one w/ jason scott lee as mowgli (and cary elwes - more commonly known as westley *swoon* - as the main 'bad guy')? i'm not even kidding; it's a favourite from when i was a kid. and i'll never forgot monkey city, where the orangutan king louie rules.

i know, i know. i sorta dropped off on this chinese zodiac 6 picks roundup. but i've actually been sitting on this last entry for the last few days for various reasons. and i'm ready to share it now! monkeys (monkies?) for everyone! and this is a good time to let me know of some other 6 picks you'd like to see from me - series or not!

animal poetry: monkey puppet
by furze chan
[ i love that the limbs move ] 

monkey polaroid: t-shirt
by gnome enterprises
[ shake it, sh-shake it. shake it like a polaroid picture ] 

joke napkin: set of 4 napkins
[ i mean... i love these damn napkins hahahaha ] 

monkey battle: watercolor, ink, coffee illustration
[ lots of different textures going on in this piece ]

by luyi & bubs
[ of course the owl makes me think of harry potter... ]

  monkey hood: hand-knit
by talk 2 the trees
[ this looks so soft/warm and adorable ]

[ links ]
animal poetry: click
monkey polaroid: click
joke napkin: click
monkey battle: click
monkey riding an owl: click
monkey hood: click

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