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[ hyein lee ] twinkling stars above

the weather has been getting chilly lately, which i absolutely love. fall and winter are my favourite seasons! (why do i always wanna say "favourite holidays" when thats not what they are?) i was in ny this past weekend and the weather was absolutely perfect. sunny. barely 60 degrees. 45 at night. brrr. i got to wear my tall leather and suede boots. and various other fall fashions that i love. oh, autumn, how i love thee. (this goes for this autumn too.)

i can feel the winter when i watch this opening sequence to a video game prototype that hyein lee is working on. I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME. like... REALLY WANT TO PLAY IT. in any case, gotta love her style - its very.... cute, but w/ this edginess to it. the video above, and even some of her sketches, are kind of like reality slapping you in the face. juxtaposition between the cute illustration style vs. the subject matter. i like!

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