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[ delfina delettrez ] skeleton bracelet

i've been trying to decide what to be for halloween. i was sick last year (sinus infection boohoo -___-). so i'm thinking i should be a skeleton, which is what i planned on being last halloween. by wearing my black milk leggings and body suit. that i love oh-so-much. richard wants me to be a disney villain w/ him but how many [cool] girl villains are there, really?

if i do want to be a skeleton, i should probably wear this bracelet. emailed to me by autumnus <3 and i am drooooooooooling over it. this is a DAMN cool piece of jewelry and i want it want it want it now. delfina delettrez has some other crazy cool, slightly creepy (in my favourite way) jewelry as well, so check it out.

and fyi, random fact: shes heir to fendi

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delfina delettrez: click

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