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[ 6 picks ] off to never never land

one of my favourite movies as a kid was hook. the one w/ robin williams as an aged peter pan. and dustin hoffman is AMAZING as hook. and rufio is the filipino kid from the debut. ru-fi-oooo! hook was on starz for awhile so i was watching it a lot a couple months ago.

but ya know, its been awhile since i've seen the disney cartoon peter pan. i was trying to remember the story and i had to wiki it. which is when i realized i've never actually read the original novel! and now i want to! there are pirates and native americans indians and mermaids and fairies and lost boys and captain hook. and peter pan, himself, of course!

peter pan crocodile necklace: laser cut 3mm thick acrylic
by finest imaginary
[ this was the inspiration for this entire 6 picks! ]

glow: acrylic ink, watercolor, gouache on paper
by lawrence yang
[ the lost boys' tree house in neverland would totally look this cool ]

taking aim: sterling silver ring
by melanie favreau
[ the "redskins" or native americans in the novel would love this ring, yea? ]

fly try: mixed media illustration
by teodoru badiu
[ this is so amazingly child-like! i love ittt!!! ]

droplets: photography series
by jenna richardson
[ fairy dust anyone? ]

pirate collection: stackable chairs
by kjellgren kaminsky
[ the chair legs are fashioned after pirate peg legs! arrrr ]

[ links ]
peter pan crocodile necklace: click
glow: click
taking aim: click
fly try: click
droplets: click
pirate collection: click

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