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[ 6 picks ] chinese zodiac - the ox

this was a tricky 6 picks. i guess i could've cheated and just used cow things. i even contemplated picking out a delightful pair of oxfords because of how slim the pickins were. but i have finally done it - 6 ox(en) picks!

wild flowers: acrylic on wood
by kathleen lolley
[ the ox and owl are fun! ]

oregon trail: keychain
by the item shoppe
[ hahaha my fave game in elementary school comp lab ]

paul bunyan: polymer clay 'actors' and photography
by illworx
[ inspired by jim henson, he creates everything from the characters to scene ]

oxen: salt and pepper shakers
by OOM
[ minimal and sleek ]

ox: woodblock print
by viza arlington
[ the intricacies of this print are awesome ]

ox plushie: DIY stuffed animal
by homejill
[ i guess technically/maybe a bull? steer? but SO FAT and cute ]

[ links ]
wild flowers: click
oregon trail keychain: click
paul bunyan: click
oxen: click
ox: click
ox plushie: click

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