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[ 6 picks ] chinese zodiac - the goat

goat or sheep. but i figured goat would be a more challenging 6 picks so i went with that for the most part here. and i apologize cus i've been sitting on this for - literally - weeks now. i kept changing my mind about one of the pieces but i think, as it is right now, is perfect. so i hope you enjoy!

oh! and happy labour (ok i donno why i spell things like i'm from the UK) day!

la capra: illustration + photo manipulation
by domenico marazia
[ this piece is so texturally rich ]

goat: rug-hooked brooch
by vanessa neily
[ so FUN and different ]

billy goat natural: paper mache sculpture
by paperturtles
[ created using a traditional haitian paper mache technique ]

i like goats: illustration
by daisy gould
[ haha dont you love humour in art? ]

by sanya glisic
[ part of a series depicting the western zodiac signs as sideshow/circus performer ]

by grace hat engineering
[ also referred to as a "goat" - this hat would be perfect for winter! ]

[ links ]
la capra: click
goat brooch: click
billy goat natural: click
i like goats: click
elsie the sea goat wonder: click
sheep watch: click

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