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[ 6 picks ] bearly therely

been working on this 6 picks for a few days, trying to find the perfect pieces to showcase. and, by golly, i think i've done it! after this, i really need to finish up the chinese zodiac 6 picks series w/ the goat, the snake, the ox~ but had to detour for this because HELLO - bear rug coasters?! 

by dandyrions
[ been dying to share this w/ u all! i absolutely love/want these ]

howard: animated film, 2010
by julia pott
[ her style is great + the narration reminds me of a childrens show ]

pierrot lunaire: illustration
by leslie tychsem
[ is it a bear? quite possibly... or barely... but either way ]

bear brooch: polymer clay and hand painted
by handymaiden
[ too fun, i'd wear this on the lapel of my blazer for sure ]

bear rock: illustration
by sandra dieckmann
[ so texturally rich... and the cat woman is cleverly done as well ]

neckline polar bear: sweater
by   D by D
[ i'd so wear this in the wintertime ]

[ links ] 
bear rug coaster: click
howard: click
pierrot lunaire: click
bear brooch: click
bear rock: click
neckline polar bear: click

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