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[ 6 picks ] chinese zodiac - the horse

i'm definitely more of a sea horse than horse-horse type of girl. it's probably got something to do with my affinity obsession with the ocean. i find it fascinating and fluid and...floaty. gravity confuses me sometimes - which might describe why i always run into and trip over things? in any case, the only time i've ever been near a REAL horse up close was years&years ago (4th grade), when i went to a family reunion in georgia. we went horseback riding and it was just not my thing.

either way, it's definitely time for another entry pertaining to the chinese zodiac. this time, by request, i'm giving you guys 6 picks on The Horse.

by katie king
[ i guess i'm drawn to masks today, this ones too awkwardly fun ]

crin: sterling silver and horse hair ring
by metalnat
[ reminds me of a roman-era helmet, doesnt it? ]

by night owl paper goods
[ reminds me of a cuter version of famguy peter's slooow horsie ]

urban horses: screenprinted t-shirt
by C O U P
[ usually dont like gradients but this one's fabulous ]

bacchus bottle stopper: horse edition
by lladrĂ³
[ it'll make wine bottles look like chess pieces ]

circus: collage
by julia freund
[ fascinated by circuses ever since i read/watched water for elephants ]

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