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[ 6 picks ] chinese zodiac - the rat

onwards! to the next set of 6 picks in our chinese zodiac roundup. the rat! and be sure to check out the other chinese zodiac 6 picks. just look under categories on the sidebar ---> and click on "chinese zodiac"~

loyal companion: illustration
by andres guzman
[ amazing detail! doesnt she remind you of helena botham carter, a bit? ]

food chain pendant: from the "ate" series
by tulipstokiss
[ my fave is the elephant, deer and turtle though! ]

lulu: fashion photography series
by marc da cunha lopes
[ something sinister and awkward about this ]

untitled: graffiti
by banksy
[ cant go wrong w/ banksy, right? ]

rat east/west: letterpress
by dutch door press
[ i seriously needa get into letterpress somehow ]

by vintage in new york
[ hahaha "too young to give a rat's ass" fun ]

[ links ]
loyal companion: click
food chain pendant: click
lulu: click
untitled - graffiti: click
rat prints: click
old enough to know better: click

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