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[ 6 picks ] RANGO

well, im a bit late w/ this one. i've been meaning to blog this for awhile but it took me a bit to compile enough awesomeness to do so. if you haven't seen rango, PLEASE DO. i mean, HELLO, johnny depp! haha plus, i love that they had the actors actually perform bits of it to get the body language and facial expressions down. wonderfully done. and it's an animated movie where the characters..... aren't cute. in fact, some of them are downright hideous. but in an AWESOME and perfect way.

untitled: pen&paper illustration
by hello wilson
[ hehehe rango's cousin ]

cactus wine rack: holds 8 bottles
by j-me
[ cacti arent usually my thang but awesome design ]

print 1: collage
by shelby dimarco
[ makes me think of cold sand, like the beach at winter ]

by christine dominic jewelry
[ the armadillo in rango is named roadkill... haha ]

i miss you (lov-04): screenprinted greeting card
by l2 design collective
[ a major theme in the movie! water, where are u! ]

cowboy t-shirt: in orange
by banc
[ cus i wanna be a COWBOY babyyy ]

[ links ]
untitled - hello wilson: click
cactus wine rack: click
print 1 - shelby dimarco: click
armadillo desert earrings: click
i miss you (lov-04): click
cowboy t-shirt: click

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