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[ 6 picks ] tastes like chicken

i'm not really a chicken fan, myself. i'll eat it. but chicken is often too dry and  bleh for me. i'm a steak and pork girl, for sure. but there's this place in korea called frypan that has the BEST fried chicken (tenders) on this planet. i first discovered it in 2008, when the third-ever frypan opened up in sinchon. but this past summer, when i visited seoul, there were frypans EVERYWHERE! its a major hit. because it is so freakin delicious!

by haba
[ saw something like this in the switch, SO CUTE ]

cream of chicken: set of 5 cards
by jeff claassen
[ bored chicken king mwahaha ]

patchwork: sideplates
by marcel wanders
[ mismatched plates? i love this idea ]

by jumine
[ would be a fun cushion to have on kitchen table chairs ]

bone necklace: silver-plated chicken bone
by kendal croix
[ she's got lots of fun and different jewlery ]

felt hen: embroidered brooch
by joeys dream garden
[ cluck cluck ]

[ links ]
grilled chicken: click
cream of chicken: click
patchwork: click
egg print cushion: click
bone necklace: click
felt hen: click

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