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[ 6 picks ] dun-NUH dun-NUH....

ok that was supposed to be the jaws theme song. dun-nuh....dun-nuh....dun-nuh dun-nuh dun-nuh dun-NUH!

anyways, cue jaws music. cue blog entry sharkies. GO!

tubarão: illustration
by tiago hoisel
[ the style reminds me of a very detailed fun animated movie! ]

plush toy shark: cotton/acrylic knit
by natty knits
[ how old am i?! i love stuffed animals too much ]

finn: shark fin salt + pepper set
by colin o'dowd
[ tell the cereal bowl to watch out.... dun-nuh dun-nuh... ]

by christina vantzou
[ i find her work absolutely delightful ]

by modcloth
[ i love cups like this! nice surprise ]

two sharks: acrylic lasercut great white & hammerhead
by lickety cut
[ i cant stay away from the acrylic jewelry zomg ]

[ links ]
tubarão: click
plush toy shark: click
finn: click
shark eating girl part 2: click
sip at your own risk: click
two sharks: click

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Not Me said...

This blog is incredibly interesting. That makes you slightly more tolerable when you appear in real life. :p