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[ 6 picks ] the old man and the sea

after my blog entry about the octopus chandeliers, i got in the mood to blog more extensively about something i love dearly - the ocean. it's been.... omg SO long since i've gone to the beach. almost a year, since the last beaches i hit up were in cali w/ timfer & wifey choi. and it's been yearS since i've been to a beach in the state of maryland. yeah yeah, ocean city is more like ocean shitty, but it's only 3 hours away and i wish i had time+ppl to go more often! i always feel so rejuvenated when im near the ocean. and i could use it right now.

anyway~ here are 6 picks from the sea!

diving time: card mobile
by ttable-office
[ korean greeting cards are always SO creative, and this is not exception! ] 

float: porcelain vase
by joe doucet
[ "inspired by a wine bottle bobbing in the ocean" ]

fisherman: enamel and oil on panel
by kenley darling
[ she has such a unique/fun style~ this is THE old man and the sea ] 

crab claw necklace: sterling silver
by twigs and heather
[ i love how...... meaty this looks? hahaha nom ]

 style brigade coat: military-inspired
by modcloth
[ i'd want the white coat especially! admiral 4%! haha ]

small shell: graphite sculpture
by agelio batle
[ im always amazed by ppl who can carve... this is SO well done! ] 

[ links ]
diving time: click
float: click
fisherman: click
crab claw necklace: click
style brigade coat: click
small shell: click

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