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[ 6 picks ] for the birds

it's been some time since i've done a 6 picks. a bird pooped on my driver's side window somehow, though, so what a perfect jumping-off point for a blog entry. dontcha think? lovely. enjoy the birdies... sans poop!

a moment: lighting
by paranmun (파란문)
[ this is so delicate and sweet ] 

flying kites: watercolour and pencil
by cake with giants
[ quaint. i love that their kites are so ridiculous~ ] 

shake-a-leg: salt and pepper shakers
by perch! design
[ hahaha totally adorable/funny ] 

by rock n rose
[ weirdly awesome, no? ] 

by urban outfitters
[ i like how fuge it is! and interesting vintagey color combo ]

scare up the bird: stop motion animation
by phoebe eason
[ her first ever animation, it's oldschool in the best of ways ] 

[ links ]
a moment: click
flying kites: click
shake-a-leg: click
sparrow bird head ring: click
exquisite bird printed rug: click
scare up the bird: click

1 comment:

Patji said...

LOVE the lights. I want, lol. Not sure about the rings... they're a little too realistic for me.