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[ crankbunny ] humpty dumpty marionette

theres this home video of me and rob and the other cousins. this was back in the early 90s. maybe... actually... 1990 or 1991. and my moms there with her fuge video camera asking us kids to sing various children's songs. i think i sang twinkle twinkle little star. but rob's rendition of humpty dumpty was too cute for words. "HOMPtee DOMPtee sat on a WALL." that was the only verse he knew. so he repeated it a few times. adorableeeeeeeee! even cuter was that we all sounded a bit fobby when we were little.

the paper puppets by crankbunny are real old-timey. they remind me of old illustrated children's books, a bit. it's got this nostalgia to it...

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