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[ duma ] white stripes

white stripes | oil on canvas | 2010

i was in an artsy sort of mood today. possibly because i was feeling creative after a night of SUPERBLY creative and delicious food at volt last night. good food for the tummy = good food for the brain = good food for the soul, yes?  i was super in the mood to paint, but i have no studio of my own. and im a messy painter. and i love painting on a larrrrge scale. so i opted for ink and sketchbook-sized paper and watered down acrylic paints. i think i'm going to have to start driving out to college park.. maybe once a week or something. so i can paint what's in my head.

anyways, these paintings by duma are so freakin gorgeous. i love the simplicity. and the pop of color! the girl above has my bob haircut~ hahaa! i guess what's so fascinating about her work is that she manages to evoke emotion in her portraits without the eyes of the subject. i'm all about awkward and unexpected compositions.

clockwise from top left: the red dot, living doll, my new gloves, the red stripe

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marian said...

i love everything you post on your blog! i have several items, especially from etsy saved in my bookmarks. i have plans to buy the squares-necklace :)