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[ 6 picks ] to the third power

aka cubed. mwahaha. i'm so clever.

whenever i think of the word "cubed" i think of calculus. y = x^3. derivatives. integrals. how i remember these things when i haven't done real math in 5 years, i do not know.

in any case, i'm translating my former love of calculus (yes i admit it!) to today's six art and design picks! all about cubes.

 untitled: illustration
by alyson fox
[ she has some very fun geometric drawings ]

negative bench: black detailing printed on wood
by designfenzider
[ haha interesting concept ]

chillbots: robots ice cube tray
by fun with fred
[ ice CUBES keke. also, cube-bodied robot ]

ravine: salt and pepper shakers
by lou henry
[ i love the shape of these a lot for some reason ] 

gold cubes necklace: cubes in a row
by juliesadorabowls
[ quite simple. & i'm really into gold these days ] 

cube clock: silk screen on aluminum
by constantin boym
[ it looks 3D but isn't! how inventive ] 

[ links ]
untitled by alyson fox: click
negative bench: click
chillbots: click
ravine s/p shakers: click
gold cubes necklace: click
cube clock: click

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