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fall is just around the corner. in fact the temperature dropped from a high of 90 yesterday to 70ish today. then again, we live in maryland, and the weather fluctuates every other day. so who knows~ it'll probably be summer hot/humid again soon.

the above images are only two of MANY of terry border's amazing artwork involving every day objects that he personifies. thanks to sangifer for the tip! i definitely enjoyed looking through all of the different set-ups and figures. and since border comes from a photography background, the shots are so awesome! there's more below and a lot more on his blog so be sure to take a look!

bananas at bedtime || modest pear
you say tomato, i say tomahto. you say potatoes, i say zombies. || its not a parsnip, its a
carrot zombie
frida be different || caribbean jerk
a horrific yarn || elf killer
bon voyage || fruit with life experience
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