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[ rapping paper ] eminem - my name is

i have been on a listen-to-kpop-only streak since 2008, when i went to korea for the first time. i wasn't feeling american (or any other) music at the time. and 2008 was a GOLDEN year for kpop. oh man. especially big bang~ they rocked it that year.

but, alas, kpop is in a HUGE funk right now. to be plain, it sucks. 2ne1's new album (and taeyang's) were highlights. but MAN... the direction kpop is going in isn't working too well. and so, i've decided to get back into non-korean musikz. and i must admit, i am feelin' eminem's new single "love the way you lie" f/ rihanna. i donno what about it i like so much, but i dooo!

anywho. this wrapping papper by rapping paper is cracking me UP. i'd probably use it to wrap a present for aluberto oppz, who would probably find it funny? hahaha! the one above is eminem's "my name is" but theres some run dmc and others in the online shop. check it out!

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