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[ afashionography ] winter series

for some reason, i've been feeling really cold lately. literally and figuratively, i suppose. its been about 80 degrees during the daytime (but 45 degrees at night?!) so i donno why i'm always chilled. and things have been sort of... iced over in general. the world is moving right along but my life is at an odd standstill. because i still don't know what i'm doing with it (my life, i mean). and yet, i'm not really worried. it feels like things are going to fall into place soon. a silver lining to the clouds, if you will.

this winter series by afashionography perfectly evokes the place i feel i'm in. bursts of color and clarity in a halted landscape. i love this photographer's work. it's very... clear and clean and crisp.

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Kim said...

this is beautiful, sahar! and you expressed what i am ALSO currently feeling so well.

strange timing, because i came across this GORGEOUS photograph the other day and did not know who the photographer was. i don't think they are from the same one, but they really are similar. this reminds me that i have yet to go to japan and korea in the wintertime!... you're so lucky you got to see that with your own eyes. <3