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[ 6 picks ] minty fresh

my tumtum was hurting the other day. and iranian people always say to either eat mint or "nabat" which is iranian rock candy. usually nabat is put in tea, to sweeten it. and it really does help an upset tummy. but mint is great too because you can just straight up eat mint leaves. once, when i was in iran, they gave me mint "juice"... which was SUPER strong and strange but helped my tummy as well!

anyways. minty green is a lovely, refreshing color. and these picks... loosely minty-colored... are refreshingly lovely. moohahaha!

by hanna viktorsson
[ i am in love w/ the simplicty + detailed ]
4c8 aviator sunglasses: mint green & clear
by matthew williamson
[ the mix of green and clear looks yummy ]

kim oh no: heels
by irregular choice
[ the underside of these shoes are delightful! ]
multicity: t-shirt
by kate moross isomorphs
[ their t-shirts are all awesome ]

by AKA
[ warm and snuggly and fashionable ]
by ferm living
[ again w/ the foxes, i know. but look at his eyelashes!!!! ]

[ links ]
fashion illustrations: click
4c8 aviator sunglasses: click
kim oh no heels: click
multicity t-shirt: click
mint choco soup mustang: click
mr. frank fox: click

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