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[ 6 picks ] a fox is a wolf who sends flowers

...and i'd want to take flowers from these foxes.

i have a thing about foxies lately. i donno what it is? maybe it's because anytime i'm driving home around 3am, i see a fox run across the street right by my house. or maybe it's because everyone's got a thing about them lately it seems; there are foxes in all types of art/design! or maybe it's cus i'd rather call foxes sly rather than sneaky... because sly implies cunning and clever and mischievous, where sneaky seems a bit more deceitful. and thus, being sly, foxes are cooooooool.

but i digress.

i found so many fun foxy art/design pieces that i couldn't share them one by one. so here they all are, 6 in one!

frosty fox: illustration
by amy blackwell
[ who wouldn't love the clean lines/autumn colors of her work?? ] 

fox puppet: paper puppet kit
by with her animal poetry (furze chan)
[ she handmakes these so each one is unique ]

by stevie lynn jewelry
[ UHM. why is this so darn cute? ] 

 whale hill: limited edition print
by julia pott
[ 15% of each sale goes towards transportation alternatives ]
 fox line: t-shirt
by t-shirt grapher
[ does this fox remind anyone of crash bandicoot?? love that game ]

sleeping fox: hand drawn serving plate
by jimbobart
[ yeah, every single line is hand drawn w/ pen.... crazay!~ ] 

[ links ]
frosty fox: click
fox puppet: click
aesop's fable necklace in fox: click
whale hill: click
fox line t-shirt: click
sleeping fox plate: click

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