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[ 6 picks ] doo•vay

it's about time for me to get a new duvet cover for my down comforter. i love the one i have but, as its white, and suzzy's little paws tend to attract dirt... not such a good combination. and it's missing almost all of its button closures at the bottom so my comforter is constantly trying to escape through the opening.

my last two duvet covers came from dELiAs. they have really good quality bedding. but, i took a quick peek at their selection, and i wasn't feeling any of the designs this time. and so began my search to find some cool/fun/different duvet covers! and here are the top six~

waterfall ruffle: duvet cover
by uo
[ whimsy. i ABSOLUTELY love the grey. it looks sorta familiar... ]

martini: duvet cover
by room,et
[ the icons are so tiny!!! would keep me busy looking at it all ]

david shrigley: duvet cover
at third drawer down
[ dr. seuss meets spiderman??? plus its reversible! ]

woodland organic: duvet cover
by pottery barn
[ a new take on the "flowery" bedding... great colors! ]

alpha: duvet cover
by offtime
[ deer silhouettes!!!! would be great w/ solid colored pillows/sheets ]

unicorn: duvet cover
by decoview
[ super odd but dang it, i like it! ]

[ links ]
waterfall ruffle: click
martini: click
david shrigley: click
woodland organic: click
alpha: click
unicorn: click

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