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[ 6 picks ] life is just a bowl of cherries

there are these sour cherries in iran (called albaloo) that they don't have in america. and OMG they are so amazing. they're just extremely tart and juicy and crunchy. love love loveee them. if you know me, you know i just LOVE sour things. yummm!

i found some fun cherry picks that aren't kitsch. and for some reason, it took some good hunting skills to find stuff that looked fun and well-designed, not like microsoft clipart. ahem.

by stussy
[ love the pixelation! and the cut of the tank as well ]

atomic cherries plate: vintage w/ added screenprints
by ninainvorm
[ the vintage colors mix well with the modern additions ]

black cherry lamp: blow glass and painted metal tubing
by nika zupanc
[ these are super odd and interesting at the same time ]

cherry tree: watercolour painting
by angela vandenbogaard
[ delicate and colorful! these trees got personality ]

cherry: pillow cover
by jessica nielsen
[ cartoon cherry man! ]

cherry drop earrings: w/ vintage brass leaf charms
by neawear
[ it really looks like cherries! cute & little ]

[ links ]
cherry moon twist tank: click
atomic cherries plate: click
black cherry lamp: click
cherry tree painting: click
cherry pillow cover: click
cherry drop earrings: click


Yessica said...

I like the pillow! Where an I buy it?

Yessica said...


sraSEOULee said...

click the link above next to "cherry pillow cover" and it'll take you to the website where you can purchase it ^^