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[ water drop sonata ] wall calendar

so yesterday, we headed to 동대문 (dongdaemun) for some serious shoppage. dubz wanted more casual tees and stuff. and i just love shopping. and silvy umma gom met up too. and shopped we did.

last time i went to dongdaemun, i only hit up a.p.m. (in section 1 of dongdaemun) but last night we got to hit up the basement of doota. and omg it was like heavenly. LOVE that place. its a bit more pricey but quality-wise and unique-wise it's so awesome. LOVE....IT. (where were you erise my ruv??)

there was one store called water drop sonata that had the most adorable brooches/rings/etc. but today i'm sharing with you their awesome wall calendar that i was so tempted to buy even though it's the middle of 2010 already. i just love the graphics and colors.

[ links ]
wall calendar: click
water drop sonata: click


kimasavor said...

thank you~@ ^-^
i'm designer of waterdropsonata~ :)

sraSEOULee said...

디자인을다좋아해요!!! i hope its okay that i shared it on my blog! ^^* i also wanted to share the brooches in a later entry ~~ 진짜귀여워요!!!!

chestnutmocha said...

hi! i got some water drop sonata, too! it's so wonderful!