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[ gigi chen ] the clean bee

the clean bee | top: painting | bottom: drawing

if you didn't already know, korean apartments are so poorly ventilated. i remember, living at 이대 (ewha womans university), i'd vacuum and dust ALL the time and i'd still find chunks of dust behind my computer. at first i thought i was just creating a lot of dust somehow, but i soon realized - no, all korean apartments are this way. my apartment last year was dusty. and our apartment this year is super dustastic - so i'm constantly swiffering it down. delightful.

in any case, i feel like - even though i'm not a clean/neat freak at all - i do enjoy my fair share of certain chores. like vacuuming. and swiffering. and laundry. i hate washing dishes though. and cleaning the bathroom.

gigi chen's paintings are sort of uncomfortable in the most awesomest of ways. and i love how she has a section of drawings on her website, showing where the paintings came from. wondrous! im not sure if my favorite is the clean bee or the scream. either way.... enjoy!!

 top: scoopin' pandas (painting&drawing), bottom: the scream (painting&drawing)

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the clean bee: click
gigi chen: click

1 comment:

Gigi Chen said...


I was stumbling through the internet, and looking to see what kind of information about my art was available and I came across my work on your blog!

Thanks so much for featuring me on your page. It's always such a wonderful surprise to see someone appreciate my work.

Gigi Chen