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[ alexa meade ] acrylic on flesh

erise my ruv is in dc all summer for an internship. which is awesome because that means she's only an hour-ish away! but it sucks too cus we were gonna reunite in korea for the summer - which we obviously can't do now hahah. since im leaving next week to go to korea for two whole months, i went and kidnapped her for the weekend so we could cheelz and be ridic as is our way.

while hanging out, she showed me this awesome artist that autumn showed her. and omgggg! CRAZY COOL! alexa meade paints people (like... seriously... real people) and found objects to create what you'd think was a painting. until you look a bit closer and realize, omg, that is actually a PERSON she has painted. this is genius and too amazing for words. just check out the pictures above and below. as well as her website + flickr!

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alexa meade: click
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