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[ 6 picks ] what is... things you find in a forest

i'm definitely not an outdoorsy type. it's partially the non-athlete within. but i also loathe bugs - and being outdoors during spring and summer usually means being surrounded by hundreds of different species of bugs. gross.

despite a general dislike for outdoorsy things, i do love camping and fishing. which doesn't quite make sense. but i'll only go camping in october (oh, ksa, how you taught me well). the bugs start disappearing in the fall and, if we happen to be camping in assateague, the ocean's still warm from the summer sun. perfectionnn!

i hadn't done a 6 picks in awhile so i figured i should step up my game a bit. these picks are all foresty in one way or anotherrrr. and delightfully so. enjoy!

the forest folk: illustration, by hand and digital
by tricia waterbury
[ i love the detail and various textures ]

by antoine laverdiere
[ originally designed for a restaurant in montreal, very cute/odd ]

by fortuna todisco
[ love this as well as the water and air versions! ]

the white wolf: limited edition print
by sarah mcneil
[ her work has this vintagey feel with its simple detail ]

forest gump: condiment set
by alessi
[ and the tray is magnetized so its always neat & tidy ]

arbre: necklace
by hop hop hop
[ BEST WEBSITE EVER. so freakin cute! and WHAT is the song??? ]

[ links ]
the forest folk: click
le club chasse et pĂȘche - le canard: click
hair-in-earth pillow: click
the white wolf: click
forest gump: click
arbre necklace: click

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