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[ mark a. reigelman II ] mouse trap

anyone else live by tom & jerry as a kid? i watched it ALL the time. in fact, when i was five years old, i went to iran for the first time ever and they all watched tom & jerry all the time too. it was on tv and vhs and everything! the first time i ever heard anyone talk on the show was in an episode i saw in iran. i know cartoon network still plays tom & jerry during the day sometimes. or at least, they did a couple years ago. how i know this is because we had a fuge tv at work which austin and chris used to watch it every single day. tsk tsk tsk hahaha.

this "mouse trap" by mark a. reigelman is too cute. i love that the glue on the back is in the shape of swiss cheese (aka cartoon cheese). as a kid, i always wondered why jerry's mouse "hole" was never covered up or anything. oh, the imagination and all it comes up with.... haha i'd definitely put this in a kid's room or something. too cute.

btw. mark a. reigelman's portfolio is AMAZING. not only does he think in an incredibly conceptual way in everything he does, but his website is also super awesome. go check it out!

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