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[ dapple grey ] arthur the chesspiece necklace

arthur the chesspiece necklace

i'm currently reading "through the looking-glass" on google reader google books. i definitely wanna buy the book itself at some point! it's further adventures of alice in wonderland. and its quite confusing, with scene changes that happen within sentences - confusing to alice, too, might i add. i wanna read this and the "alice's adventures in wonderland." and watch the old disney version of alice in wonderland and then watch the new one again. 

in "through the looking-glass," the land within the mirror is all laid out like a chessboard. and alice is a pawn! which brings me to this necklace by dapple grey. you should also check out dapple grey's website. i find the navigation icons to be pretty adorable.

from the collection "horseplay & ponytails"

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