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[ 6 picks ] ... and a cherry on top

there's nothing like a luscious red to bring life to an outfit, room, painting, etc. red is such a vibrant, passionate color. rawr-ific. pwahaha.

i've been seeing lots of red-topped lovelies today so i thought i'd gather them all and share them with you all.

red riding: 2-part brooch
by made by white
[ love the idea of a brooch series! ]

hooded cardigan: button-front
by coolhada
[ great art direction on the photos for this cardigan too! ]

cry baby: girl in red fish
by eveline tarunadjaja
[ reminds me of these illustrations i posted before ]

by penelope's
[ look at the red wigged jack-in-the-box ]

friendship: tote bag
by olla nani
[ antlers in a red hood, what more could you ask for? ]

fairy tale in a glass: girl and the wolf
by d-bros
[ i love that it looks different from different perspectives ]

[ links ]
red riding, brooch: click
hooded cardigan: click
cry baby, illustration: click
millimeter/milligram, card: click
friendship, tote: click
fairy tale in a glass: click

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