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maude brooch (green t-rex)

you know, i feel like dinosaurs were kind of "in vogue" in the 90s? am i wrong? it just seems like the entertainment market was saturated with dinosaur-themed things. there was jurassic park of course, but then there were SO many other dinosaur movies, shows, books all over the place. like, remember the movie we're back: a dinosaur story? it was one of me and rob's favorite movies when we were kids. ("i wish i had a friend...friend...friend") and then there was that tv show that i sorta hated: dinosaurs.

at some point, my dad bought me this book that was meant for kids but was a super scientific look at dinosaurs - blah blah blah. i wasnt into science like that, so i donno what he was thinking buying me the book. but it ended up being one of our biggest childhood memories. i never read it. but the book had this picture that straight up looked like a real photograph showing what dinosaurs would look like if they were still alive. it was effing frightening. so, naturally, we spent hours upon hours scaring ourselves and each other with the picture. oh childhood.

the brooch above reminds me of our dinosaur toys, movies, books, etc. and i like the other brooches too! i kinda wish it was a ring tho, but you know me and rings... haha

clockwise from top left: jj shark brooch (white base), dino air brooch - large, hippo love brooch, kevin brooch (green kangaroo), barry brooch (pink gorilla), pony club brooch (yellow pony)

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