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[ kiel mead ] gum necklace

got my bum up and went to the gym today (woooh!). i go to the ymca near my house and each treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike has its own tv. charlie and the chocolate factory was playing on abc family all weekend, which i hadn't seen in so very long. while working out on the elliptical, i caught the exact part where violet beauregarde, the gum-chewing world champ, eats the willy wonka gum that turns her into a giant human blueberry. i absolutely love the aesthetics of the tim burton version of the film.

kiel mead's jewelry is ridiculously fun and strangely aesthetically-pleasing. theres the gum necklace above but also the ones below. the retainer necklace cracks me up.

clockwise from top left: matchstick necklace, duplication prohibited key ring, retainer necklace, cinder block necklace

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