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[ 6 picks ] busy little bee

this past two weeks have been really difficult for a bunch of different reasons. in any case, saturday night was desperately needed by the time it rolled around. we chilled in my basement like 12 year old hooligans (ok jk, we're none of us 12 hahah) and had some drinks and just let looooose.

the next day i gathered up the recyclables (cans and bottles) to throw out. and as i'm on the way to our recycle trashcan, this FUMONGOUS bee starts hovering around me and i freak out cus i just do not like bugs. not one bit. and we have these crazy-huge bees in our backyard. they're fat and fly all slow cus they're so fat. ew.

but bees = springtime. and also = honey. both of which are things to be happy about, yes?

at threadless tee's
[ i'm really feeling this! esp. the colors! ]

the beekeeper: large print
by theblackapple on etsy
[ kind of an odd thought... bees under ur dress o_O ]

charming charms: flowers, birds, deer, and bees
at a+r store
[ they look really great worn all together like that ]

 tessellate: honeycomb-shaped cups/saucers
by louie rigano
[ i like that they fit together that way. i want honeycombs cereal now ]

zipper bee: drawing
by caitlin hackett
[ her work is crazy awesome... i'm gonna have to post more!!! ]

 queen bee necklace: silk & acrylic beads
by anthropologie
[ ridiculously awesome or awesomely ridiculous? both! ]

[ links ]
the bull and the bee: click
the beekeeper: click
charming charms: click
tessellate: click
zipper bee: click
queen bee necklace: click

1 comment:

Alice said...

These are just the best--bees are freaking fantastic. I actually have that very Beekeeper image on a locket from Black Apple; all of her stuff it top-notch!