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[ uo ] 2 for $30 canvas sneakers

clockwise from top left: overdyed canvas skips - taupe, overdyed skips - aqua, trans canvas overdye lace ups - maroon, jewel tone canvas lace up - turquoise, trans canvas overdye lace ups - green, overdyed canvas skips - yellow

when i was in korea in summer 2009 (aka last summer), i bought some keds-like sneakers. very late 80s, early 90s... very saved by the bell. very in-at-the-moment. and super comfy! i got them for a bargain price of 18,000won (less than 18$ at that time!) in this dusty olive-taupey color that i absolutely love.

well, today i was just browsing through the urban outfitters website and found this AMAZING deal! a bunch of their women's sneakers are 2 for 30$. and it's mix and match so you can get two different styles and still get the deal! my korea-bought sneakers are on the road to retirement (theres a few holes starting up) so i'm thinking of getting the taupe. i want the yellow but the aqua are catching my eye too. decisions decisions! the colors are beautiful though, and puts me in a spring-time mood!

[ links ]
urban outfitters: click
overdyed canvas skips: click
trans canvas overdye lace ups: click
jewel tone canvas lace up: click

*update: just bought the taupe and yellow!!!! ^^

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