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[ tim burton ] stain boy

(stain boy by tim burton)

i was lucky enough to visit tim burton's exhibit at MoMA when i made a spontaneous trip up to the city in january. thanks to my friend ed who searched far and wide for tickets to the sold out show. it was............ BRILLIANT. the entire exhibit was unbelievably chaotic - there was seemingly no rhyme or reason to the set up - which i will venture to say was the rhyme and reason.

walking into the exhibit was the only part of the exhibit i didn't get to fully enjoy. there was a line of tim burton's stain boy animated shorts playing in a narrow hallway but it was holding up traffic. ultimately, we watched one of the videos (the one below) but couldn't hear all that well so we figured we'd just forego it. so, basically, i'm really glad i found these videos on youtube! i think the 5th video is my favorite, with the matchstick villain. the series is tragic but quirky - very tim burton.

(stain boy video 1 by tim burton)

(left to right: tim burton MoMA exhibit opening, valentines sketch)

(left to right: edward scissorhands sketch, mummy sketch)

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