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[ seoul ] world design capital of 2010

(seoul | world design capital 2010 identity)

in 2007, seoul was named the world design capital of 2010. fast forward to .... 2010! this is seoul's year to globalize their design market. the korean design industry is very aesthetically-based because korean culture is aesthetically-based. if something doesn't look good, isn't packaged right, it has no appeal in korean society. even dunkin donuts is amazing in korea, decorated with plush couches and serving delicate pastries.

so what does it mean for seoul to be the world design capital? according to the international council of societies of industrial design (ICSID) website: 

The title is conferred on cities that have demonstrated exceptional progress using the varied tools design offers. A city is appointed as WDC every other year to celebrate its achievements and to share them with other cities. Designated cities are different but the same in that design plays an essential role in reinventing the cities to meet evolving needs in the world.
 and even though i'm not an industrial designer, i still totally appreciate what 3D/industrial design can mean. and as a non-korean designer hoping to move to seoul and start my career, this is a huge advancement!!

so, way to go seoul!

 (world design capital logo w/ color)

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