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[ profile ] david choe

(david choe creating wall art)

david choe is a korean-american artist who works in many different media such as oil paint, acrylic paint, mixed media, and more. well-known for his murals and graphic art style, choe wanders around the globe pushing the envelope in the art world. i love that - even though his art spans different styles and methods - his work still has a certain something that marks it as distincly his own.

(ROW 1: blue choe brothers)
(ROW 2 - left to right: didi & otto sculpture, hedz2)
(ROW 3: eye scream nerds)
(ROW 4: hippo family)
(ROW 5 - left to right: lower east side, raw)
(ROW 6: dragon)    

plus i love his blonde hair:

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